Gregynog Apiary Report

The BeeHolder, January 2012

Hello everybody, I hope your beekeeping year has been an enjoyable experience. We have had a very busy season in Gregynog, starting the year with four colonies having lost two in late February. Spring inspections started at the end of March just as the weather improved, and lots of feeding was required. We also had problems with Queens failing.

In early May we purchased five nucs which progressed well until late June when we had problems with swarming. This was the most frustrating part of the whole year as it's just not possible to be in the apiary at exactly the right time to prevent (or catch) swarms. Despite all of this, we increased our stock to a total of ten colonies by the middle of August.

There was no honey to harvest this year, which was a bit odd as there were some strong colonies which hadn't swarmed and so you would expect to have produced much honey. I know this is not an isolated case, so we will have to wait until next year and try again.

Winter feeding was completed by the first week in October and mouseguards have been fitted. I will be going over during the last week in December to put fondant on the hives.

On reflection I think the apiary has been well received by our members with good attendance at meetings, and most members giving positive feedback. See you all at Gregynog next year.

Dave Bennett
Apiary Manager

I hope to make the Gregynog Apiary Report a staple of The BeeHolder so that we are all kept abreast of what is going on. It will also help keep the pages from falling out.