Here are some links to other local and/or bee related websites. These links inevitably leed to further links, and hey presto the whole world of bees is at your fingertips.

If you have any favouriter links which you would like to share, drop me an e-mail here and I will add it to the relevant (or a new) section. Bee creative!

Bee Associated

British Beekeepers' Association - The BBKA works to promote bees and beekeeping and to provide a range of member services to beekeepers in the UK.

Welsh Beekeepers Association - The WBKA represent the beekeepers of Wales.

Shropshire Beekeepers Association - a nearby association's website.

Somerset Beekeepers Association - a distant, but quite good, website.

Kingston Beekeepers Association - video of the varroa life cycle and other yummy stuff.

Devon Beekeepers Association - as offended by Roy Norris.

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Bee Charitable

BIBBA - The Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders' Association, committed to preserving the native honeybees of Britain.

Bees Abroad - Supporting beekeeping in developing countries.

Bees for Development Trust - working to alleviate poverty in the third world by promoting bee keeping.

Friends of the Bees - this is the web site for the Friends of the Bees charity, closely linked with the Natural Beekeeping Network.

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Bee Equipped

Brian Norris - supplier of hives and equipment to MBKA

Caddon Hives - suppliers of quality National, Langstroth and WBC Beehives since 2005. Located in the Scottish Borders, they operate as a Father and son team.

Solway Bee Supplies - small family business manufacturing hives etc.

Bee Suits - Bee Proof Suits Online retailer of beekeeper's clothing. Bee Proof Suits range includes full protective bee suits and  separate jackets and trousers. All orders delivered free.

HeatherBell HoneyBees, Beekeeping Cornwall - bee keeping supplies, courses and a lot more. All served up on a honey coloured background.

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Bee Ginners

Graham's Bee & Beekeeping FAQ's Page - worth it just for the little animated bee, which I thought about abducting for the Montybees site.

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Bee Healthy

DEFRA - The bee health page on the DEFRA website.

National Bee Unit -The National Bee Unit delivers the Bee Health programme in England and Wales on behalf of Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government.

BeeBase - The growing database of bees and beekeepers.

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Bee Interesting

Bee Hexagon - a very interesting web-site with some free downloadable books on wax, honey etc.

Bee history - some interesting dates in the history of beekeeping

Lapisonline - excerpts from the interesting Italian online bee magazine

The Guide to Beekeeping for adults and kids - an American commercial site with a lot of information. Recommended by Amy and her teacher, Mrs Crawford, as part of an after school project in the USA.

What’s All the Buzz About? - part of the Wilko blog

Bees are amazing - lots of information about honey bees and much more besides

Making honey from flowers - another US site which initially looks a bit wordy, but has lots of links to eduactional material of various forms dealing with almost all aspectrs of bees, honey and bee keeping. Very understandable and has been used as a research tool for a school bee project.

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Bee Natural

The Barefoot Beekeeper - the biobees website of Friends of the Bees director, Phil CHandler.

Natural - a very interesting web-site with some free downloadable books on wax, honey etc.

The Natural Beekeeping Trust - as well as helping promote natural beekeeping, the NBT help organise an annual conference on natural beekeeping.

Welsh Mountain Cider - locally and naturally made cider. Also the best source for native montgomeryshire apple tree varieties.

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Bee Publications

Bee Craft - the on-line presence of the Bee Craft magazine.

Northern Bee Books - for bee books (but try and limit yourself to just one!).

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Bee Sharp

Bee Jokes - they're crackers (or out of them).

Bee animation - not for the dial up user!

Or just put bee jokes into a search engine.

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Bee Helpful

Help out solitary bees by building a solitary bee hotel.