Membership renewal

Early swarm

At this time each year MBKA members are asked to renew their membership for the 2018 season. Your membership covers you for

  • bee diseases insurance (BDI); and third party public and product liability eg for the sale of honey and hive products;

  • covers the costs of publications and communications eg the BeeHolder, website, the WBKA newsletter;

  • contributes to the running of the apiary and reduced prices for training days and courses; also the meetings programme that runs during the autumn and winter months; so we squeeze a lot out of it.

The fee is £30.00 per household, which includes the BDI cover for 3 colonies. If you have or plan to have more than 3 colonies in 2018 please do adjust your payment, as shown below. Please don’t under insure as the policy may not pay out if you are under insured.

max no. of colonies

Extra to pay

Total cost to renew

3 or less

No extra charge


4 or 5



6 to 10



11 to 15



  • If you have more than 15 colonies please contact the Treasurer for the fee.

To make sure you are covered for BDI - bee diseases insurance (for notifiable diseases) please complete and send your renewal form and payment. A copy of the form can be downloaded using the link below).

Any cheques will not be cashed before 1 January 2018 !

renewal form.pdf114.27 KB