Swarm Collection

Last year swarm collection was chaotic principally as I took over at a very bad time of year and without any records.
This year I intend to introduce a new system, as follows:

  1. Anyone interested in collecting swarms send a text to my phone 07530466886 giving your name, location, the distance they are willing to travel and likely availability.
  2. On receiving notification of a swarm I will do my best to ascertain if it is indeed a swarm of bees and its current location.
  3. Having sorted out the viability of collecting I will send a text to the closest registered collector, or collectors. The text will simply say “swarm reported at X, can you collect?”.
  4. The potential collector will then PHONE me and I will give the details of the reporter; it is then up to the potential collector to make contact, satisfy him/herself that it is a swarm, and get the location of the bees and what special equipment they may require.

I will need to verify that you are a member of MBKA before adding you to the list of collectors, so make sure that the name you give can be found in our records!

You may use landline 01686670347 to contact me if you wish.

I will not accept calls about bees in walls and usually will not entertain any swarm higher than the top of a second floor window. If anyone is prepared to work above that height, please let me know.

Please note I may contact a couple of potential collectors but will only pass details to the first caller who is in a position to proceed.

It would be very useful that if after attending a swarm, you sent me a quick text detailing the result for our records (a small price to pay for free bees!).

Please put “swarms” into your phone book so that when it comes up you react ASAP

Contact Joe if you need any help/advice about swarm collection. He has been doing it for years, so do take advantage of this experience.

So register with Joe now, and look forward to collecting your new swarms!

Joe Bidwell