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MBKA Library (Books and DVD's)

We have a small library of books, pamphlets and DVDs now.

To borrow any of these please be in touch via eMail with
Rachel Kellaway.

Swarming and its control and prevention.
L. E. Snelgrove (1936)
The practical bee guide.
G. Digges (1921)
Honey farming
R. O. B. Manly
Life histories of plants
Prof. McAlpine
Beekeeping in Britain
R. O. B. Manley
A manual of beekeeping
E. B. Wedmore (1942)
Haynes bee manual
A guide to bees and honey
Ted Hooper
Traditional British honey drinks
F. Beswick
Beeswax molding and candle making
R. Taylor
R. Morse
Recycling beeswax
J. Hughes
Plants and beekeeping
F. N. Howes
Cumming and Logan (1950)
Honey from hive to honeypot
S. Style (1993)
Keeping bees and making honey
A. Benjamin (2008)
Collins beekeepers bible
Beekeeping practise
F. S. Stuart
Skeps their history and making
F. Alston
Honey, Feeding and Flowers for forage.
BBKA publications
DVD Swarming
DVD The honeybee

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